ES PLANNERS & DESIGNERS SDN BHD offers a complete portfolio of planning, property design and construction management for both private and public sectors. We work closely with clients to identify their particular needs and customize our multidisciplinary approach accordingly. Our primary areas of expertise include:


Physical Planning

Attending Client/Consultant’s Meeting
Conceptual Layout and Detailed Layout Planning
Development Order (Kebenaran Merancang) to Authorities
Land Conversion, SubDivision and Amalgamation
Development Proposal Report (LCP)
Planning Research

Structure Plan
Local Plan
Special Area Plan


Attending Client/Consultant’s Meeting, Chairing, Record and implement client Brief & requirement.
Coordinate Work For the office design team
Schematic/Conceptual design and design development
Investigate Regulation/Planning/landscape and fire control
Administration of contract correspondent
Preparation of construction detail

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